Start by answering these questions:
  1. How do u like ur steak?

                   A. ur a vegetarian  
                   B. only the finest, rarest cuts
                   C. raw
                   D. Whatever. food isnt important

     2. When a vampire approaches, you?
                   A. welcome it into ur home
                   B. expect them to kneel in difference
                   C. wonder where its from
                   D. brace urself for a fight
    3. Those closest to you r?

                  A. ur family
                  B. ur body guards
                  C. fellow soldiers
                  D. noone knows u

    4. Ur idea of the perfect night is?

                    A. quietly watching over the one u love while he/she is sleeping.
                    B. be worshiped by ur subjects
                    C. polishing ur guns
                    D. riding ur motorcycle (fast)

    5. When u see a werewolf, you?

                A. arrange a truce, but make sure ur family has ur back
                B. do nothing, shapeshifter dont concern u
                C. grab ur arsenal of weapons
                D. fade into the darkness

    6. Ur favorite outfit is?

                A. whatever highschoolers are wearing this century
                B. the finest gowns from paris
                C. black velvet and leather
                D. motorcycle jacket, black boots, and jeans

    7. What are u good at?

                A. resisting temptation and impersonating teenagers
                B. you can smooth over any situation
                C. ur a superb fighting machine
                D. u live in the shadows, steal whatever u need, and u are a survivor.

After aswering these quesions find the column u fit under:

  • Mostly A's - You're the family type; u appear arrogant to outsiders to protect those close to u. If someone threatens ur family, u will go to the end of the earth to kill them.
  • Mostly B's - You're the regal type;  u are a refined vampire that is gifted with diplomacy. ur physical attractiveness and intellagence r outstanding, allowing u to forge intimate bonds with those around u.
  • Mostly C's - You're the warrior type; u rtouch, bitter, and determined. U live for the battle. Ur up to date on ur weapons. U wouldnt be u unless u visited the nightclubs in ur area frequently.
  • Mostly D's - You're the rebel type; u have a wild-charm that draws humans to u easily, but u only use them as a source of blood to end ur thirst. u follow ur rules only. U hang with a gang of equally tough and powerful vampires or u set out to be alone.